PUBLIC PROCUREMENT & STATE AID LAW REVIEW-PP & SA“PUBLIC PROCUREMENT & STATE AID LAW REVIEW-PP & SA” is a specialized law review on public procurement and state aid law, published since the beginning of 2004 by the Centre of International and European Economic Law in association with its specialized Units, the Public Procurement Monitoring Unit and the State Aid Unit, which are housed at the Centre’s facilities.

The review appears three times yearly and includes specialized articles and studies, commentated jurisprudence of European and national courts, as well as all legislative developments in the public procurement and state aid field. In principle, it is published in Greek, however contributions in English, French and German are also welcome.

It constitutes a useful tool addressed to everybody dealing with public procurement and state aids: lawyers, judges, academics, engineers and technicians, contracting authorities, public authorities that grant aids, public and private undertakings.

PP & SA aims to fill in the “information gap” that exists today in our country concerning these crucial legal matters. Editors of the review are experts working within the two abovementioned Units.

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