The State Aid Unit (MoKE) activity includes:

  • legal opinions

  • oral counseling

  • help desk

  • specific legal services to public authorities based on ad hoc contracts

  • provision of information

    • latest news on the MoKE website

    • publications

    • academic events
Legal opinions

The members of MoKE respond to written questions posed by KEMKE, AMKE or by any other public authority that so requests regarding the application of EU State aid rules.

Issues on which MoKE provides a legal opinion are:
  • whether a measure constitutes State aid that should be notified to the European Commission

  • whether an aid scheme may fall within the scope of the General Block Exemption Regulation

  • in which way the Commission and/or the EU Courts interpret EU State aid rules and relevant notions, such as the notion of “enterprise”, of “Service of General Economic Interest” (SGEI) etc.

  • when and under which conditions may an enterprise be characterized as SME

  • how the European Commission or the European Courts interpret notions that are included in the EU state aid texts (e.g. the notion of “services of general economic interest” or the concept of public company)
Oral Counseling

  • assists the Public Administration on the compatibility of draft laws, amendments and circulars with EU State Aid Law

  • participates in meetings with the competent authorities

  • submits legal comments on draft EU legislation, being under consultation between the Member States and the Commission

Help Desk

  • responds orally to simple questions

  • provides clarifications on the written legal opinions it has issued

  • provides useful information on specific provisions of EU State Aid Law
The Ηelp Desk operates daily, from Monday until Friday, from 12:00 until 14:30, and can be reached at +30 2310-486947.


In view to increase awareness in the State aid sector, MoKE organizes and/or participates in conferences and congresses. Furthermore, the staff of MoKE attends training seminars and congresses on a constant basis.


ΜοΚΕ issues practical guides on the application of substantial and procedural state aid rules, as well as collections of legislative texts on State aid (See Publications).

State Aid Unit Newsletter

MoKE issues a two-month informative electronic bulletin, sent free of charge to approximately 650 competent public authorities in order to keep them updated with current State aid issues.

Law Journal – Electronic Data Base

ΜοΚΕ, in cooperation with the Public Procurement Unit of CIEEL, has issued electronically a specialized law journal under the title "DiSKE & Agora from 2004 to 2015, which is still available online(".

The "State Aid Unit" (ΜοΚΕ)

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