The State Aids Unit activity includes:

  • legal opinions

  • help desk

  • consultative support

  • specific legal services to public authorities based on ad hoc contracts

  • electronic data bases for legislation and case-law

  • provision of information

    • seminars

    • publications

    • scientific events

    • latest news on the website of the State Aid Unit
Legal opinions

The members of the State Aid Unit provide a written legal opinion to every written question posed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance or any other public authority that so requests on the manner in which the community state aid rules apply.

Issues on which the State Aid Unit provides a legal opinion are:
  • if the measure in question constitutes a state aid and thus must be notified to the Commission.

  • in case the measure in question is a state aid, in what terms it should be drafted so that the Commission can assess its compatibility.

  • if the measure which constitutes a state aid can be exempted on the basis of the Exemption Regulation so that it does not need to be notified to the Commission.

  • if a specific provision of a measure under consideration conforms with or infringes provisions of the Treaty, the Guiding Lines, any Exemption Regulation, the de minimis Regulation etc.

  • how the Commission or the Community Courts interpret notions that are included in the state aid community texts (e.g. the notion of “services of general economic interest” or the concept of public company)
Help Desk

The State Aids Unit
  • responds verbally to simple questions, while the formal procedure of written opinion is initiated for more complex questions

  • provides clarifications on the written legal opinions it has issued

  • provides useful information on specific provisions of the community state aid legislation
The Ηelp Desk operates daily, from Monday until Friday, from 12:00 until 14:30, and can be reached at 2310-486947.

Consultative Support

The State Aid Unit
  • helps the public administration with issues pertaining to the preparation of draft laws, amendments, circulars etc on their compatibility with the community state aids provisions.

  • participates in meetings of the competent public authorities

  • submits comments on community law texts sent to the Greek state authorities for consultation
Data bases

The State Aids Unit has established two electronic data basis:
  • one for the community state aids legislation and

  • another for the community and national case-law on state aids
Training seminars – Events
  • Organizes and participates in conferences, training seminars etc for the constant training of its members (See Events).

The State Aid Unit, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance issues practical interpretative guides and collections of legislative texts on state aids (See Publications).

Law Journal – Electronic Data Base

The State Aid Unit, in cooperation with the Public Procurement Unit and the Energy Unit of CIEEL, issues every four months a law journal under the title "DiSKE & Agora".

The journal is published since 2004 and it has been enriched since 2008 with new topics of public economic law: Public Procurement-Construction Law-SGEI – Competition - Market Liberalization – Energy – Transport – Telecommunications - Postal Services – Tax law - Customs Law - Financial law.

In addition, since 2008 the journal is also available electronically, namely its subscribers are granted access to its electronic version (

The "State Aid Unit" (ΜοΚΕ)

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