The State Aid Unit (MoKE) operates since 01.01.2002 within the Centre of International and European Economic Law (CIEEL) in Thessaloniki. MoKE aims to achieve a methodological approach of the State aid sector, in order to assist the public bodies which grant State aid.

MoKE provides specialised legal services to the Central State Aid Unit at the Ministry of Finance of Greece (KeMKE), which, in collaboration with the Decentralised State Aid Units operating within the individual Ministries, examines all legislative proposals and other acts for the possible existence of State aid. MoKE cooperates with the abovementioned Units at all stages of drafting and evaluation process, answering questions on the proper drafting and on the compatibility of the aid measures; on the use of the appropriate EU State aid rules (e.g. GBER, de minimis Regulation, Environmental Aid Guidelines etc.); on notification to the Commission; and on recovery of unlawful aid.

In particular, MoKE provides assistance to KeMKE and the Decentalised Units regarding the interpretation of the notion of State aid and on the numerous EU compatibility and procedural rules, which are in a constant review by the Commission in order to be in line with market developments. For such an interpretation, MoKE draws from both the practice of the Commission in similar State aid cases and the relevant case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and the General Court of the European Union.

The "State Aid Unit" (ΜοΚΕ)

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